Friday, November 12, 2021

Trying Not To Come Undone (Part Ten)

 It’s going down on a Fabulous Friday, we're trying not to come undone check out this concept conclusion!

It’s based on Flashback Friday aspects as we “holla back” letting you know we’re still putting work in trying not to come undone!

We’ll come forth with this good word and the drum, of course we’re still getting breakbeat scientific!

That’s the deal!  earlier O-Dizzle was in the mix mentioning the essence of this discipline!

That’s the deal / dizzle, blessed! plans didn’t fizzle / I didn’t come undone so I’m back! I told them I’d be gone until November! Oh yeah! just in time for Scorpio Season knowing the sport is full of treason but no matter what we’ll keep it moving, I’ll keep on dancing on the rainbow just so I can remember.. Felt the pain though / felt the pressure the system will try to dismember your mind / body / spirit it’ll test ya! O-Zone is just a mere mortal but I carry on! Showing finesse; blessed! even though the system stressed so once again it’s on!

Knowing the system will finesse us; check the Kyle Rittenhouse trial plus the Ahmaud Arbery trial, where Rev. Al Sharpton and other black pastors aren’t allowed?

Knowing the Lord will continue to bless us especially if we continue to put in the effort of trying not to come undone; we’re wise to the whole setup, the devil and his advocates will try to make these situations foul!

They want to see us caught up in the system / matrix but we’re trying not to come undone!

Louisville / Newburg, where I was brought up? we were taught to go all out now check us out as we drop this good word and the drum!

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