Monday, November 15, 2021

Soaking Up Scorpio Sun Rays (Part Two) The Sonic Assault Edition

 Concepts are revisited from 2010, taking consideration of the present time frame!

We’re soaking up Scorpio sun rays as we enter this last week of Scorpio Season, knowing in the sport there will be treason as these earthlings play mind games. 

O-Zone mentioned the Adversity Anniversary previously due to Adversity University attendance; still taking graduate and doctoral classes!

Danger zone residence revealed the absence of benevolence, hard to find someone to work with me amongst the masses. 

Conditions? draconian! it’s on again! like O-Zone would usually say “It Ain’t Nothing Nice” Safe havens / safe harbors are needed as progress is impeded, damn!! we're even settling for a part time paradise! Like Coolio and a Gangstas Paradise per this Music Monday? in the sport? like these Atlanta Falcons it’ll be a rough season, some will be pummeled by the harsh reality / unsuccessful venture. Whatcha know? previously? like the Biden Harris administration honeymoon over due to dubious polls the start of Scorpio Season was colorful / shiny, now some will process the latest misadventure.

Whatcha know? only one week to go for Scorpio Season as I post this on this Monday morning!

It pulled on us with the quickness it seemed like a minute ago we were doing the knowledge per Sunday morning..

.. as earthlings keep “buking and scorning” whining like these Americans per the post pandemic landscape!

Meanwhile we’re counting blessings, soaking up Scorpio sun rays before they escape!

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