Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Soaking Up Scorpio Sun Rays (Part Three)

 Checked the science for the day while still soaking up Scorpio sun rays for a couple of more days;  damn! like negotiations concerning Biden’s BBB plan expectations are lowered like flying the flag at half staff for a  so called government hero. 

Minds are blown like cloak and dagger rendering when the blessings in front of us are not acknowledged, some feel like a zero..

..when situations are above zero aka positive, no cloak of invisibility involved just do the math; it’s the little things in life that are very important. 

Persuasions from below zero equations add to problems eventually creating positive results check out how the sport will get! 

Kept it moving per this Scorpio season with the Taurus Lunar Eclipse not quitting or stopping, visions of blowing up like the Russians did the satellite out by the International Space Station?

Showing and proving but expecting opposition like bogus / dubious approval polls per Biden and Harris knowing "jokers aren’t fair"  with that or this check out the occasion!

The Deele mentioned two occasions, day and night as I walk alone way way out there as darkness unfurls.

What’s the deal? Scorpio season? it’s retro futuristic as we’re in an ecumenopolis; spotted some waiting in the darkness soon drama unfurls.
What’s the deal? an assassin is asking what class am I in? the haves or have nots / losers or winners? Answered; those with a strong heart, no fragile breaths; like James Brown / Fred Wesley and the JB’s we’re Doing This To Death / I’ll Be Around like the Spinners.

We’re playing our part / playing our position the sound we’re weaponizing in this ongoing spiritual warfare!

Strengthened when soaking up these Scorpio sun rays now we’re running plays, check out the HumpDay Extravaganza as we take it there!

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