Monday, November 29, 2021

The Big Picture: The Grand Scheme Of Things (Part Four)

 On this Monday morning? you might have caught us looking at the big picture!

Sunday morning vibes when dropping this good word? oh, Sunday Jazz played yesterday;  who knows, Afternoon Jazz might play later on but right now we’re going big with this scripture!

Getting hyper on this Monday? considered Cyber Monday but the digital warfare is already going on, influenced by the spiritual?

After Thanksgiving Day? Black Friday and Small Business Saturday  sales have been calculated, but naysayers claim we have hazardous material!

Sick like Covid / Omicron? naw, but once again it's on!! but in  the grand scheme of things the scripture and even Fred Hammond says we’re blessed in cities and fields, so we’re expecting miracles.

But while looking at the big picture I see me and my people are out in this minefield; damn!! usually some of us will have our scruples. Damn! here we go again! we found ourselves in pain! check the collateral damage aka the casualties plus injuries from shrapnel due to the explosions!
Looking at the big picture? we should have stayed in our lanes! now in our feelings / showing emotions.  

Looking at the big picture / the grand scheme of things; we mentioned going in / getting it in earlier but gatekeepers mentioned only one more was allowed “up in the place” All Up In The Spot! damn! it’s packed! but in the big picture it seems like I’m still alone in a crowd; just another face. Part of the scheme / plot by the arch nemesis on the premises? the grand scheme of things? tried to erase that feeling; but it’s a dam I’m building. A team of pundits / experts like those that knock Joe Biden saying we’re stubborn as an Aries / Ram? O-Dizzle mentioned character and passion earlier, to hold the fort down? workers were willing!

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