Thursday, May 02, 2013

A New Look

I checked out the transformation; some dressed like pirates!!  like the ladies at The Parkham Women's Institute with Captain Colin Darch talking about Somali piracy...some had a makeover; they have a new look! 

I checked out the transportation; some were rolling!! but due to the hostile takeover?   now we have a new crook! 

Some tried to write a new book...The Elder Scrolls Online?  they said they had a hot style!!  but at the end of the day the old rules still apply! 

O-Zone had the scrolls..Dead Sea ones?  O-Dizzle? soul is the main ingredient as he defied authority with his own hook lines and his own beats; check the street funk..he didn't get crunk?  that's a damn lie! 

Jokers had O-Zone on standby.. trying to check my credentials was on high alert! 

Power brokers in the danger zone told a damn lie!! things aren't real they're foreclosure compensation checks... now somebody got hurt! 

Inside jokers see that this art is official!!  they thought they were dealing with a crook! 

Inside won over the outside in the ongoing war!! now I'm back on  Louisville / Newburg default settings;  no need for a makeover or new look! 

Sonic assaults  prevent history from repeating!! for the fake?  the game is over! 

Reality taught us lessons;  we pass them on..not defeating the purpose when we work this!! were trying to get over!

Reality caught some out there.. like Kris Kross rapper Chris Kelly...its rought out here..

The new look didn't help the New York Knicks...wearing black to last night's game...Boston is still in here... 

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