Sunday, May 19, 2013

Check The Status PT.5

I'm checking the status like authorities monitoring security cameras at the command center!

Representatives of the apparatus aka thought and fashion police test our stamina; like in Long Island police snipers shoot the victim..I'm all up in the spot..damn!! I'm right in the center! 

Trying to stay centered / trying to maintain; check this good word I'm New York Knicks I'm not losing seems others were flipping out! 

I stayed in the center lane on I-20 in Atlanta per these Chronicles.. I was dipping out! 

Slipping out of the noose somebody was trying to put me in..might even be spotted out on Mars.....but I'm coming back...healing scars from battles after jokers collaborated with the enemy! 

Tripping out!! Uncle Tom and Aunt Jemima types upgraded..2.0 versions!! a new and so called improved entity!

For a limited time only like fast food promotions on commercials? 

As we deal it...carrying a sword of truth..real with it...bear witness to what this breakbeat scientific work does...

Check the status ...we deal with it!! that identity?  a joker revealed it..but soon like Obama at Morehouse..their parades get rained on! 

Check the status...down in Florida...that identity? they'll steal Assad in seems the reign began with a drizzle;  whose running from the devil like that Ohio Players song?  it looks like they were gained on! 

Check the status...from Louisville to the Nati in Ohio; down here to the ATL ...players told us to keep it pimping! 

Check the status;  some were even trying to catch up..but its not a simple thing!

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