Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Reset Button / Default Settings PT.4

Trying to straighten things out....took a were back..I had to hit the reset button! 

Default settings are back...but danger zone residents were prevalent!! they're hating out there!! from IRS  and Tea Party conflicts to Benghazi.. what will the style be? somebody even spotted me with a punishment glutton! 

Whose fault? cousin was drinking the green tea..but dude needed Ben Gay for the aches and pains..actually...just a clone needing to hit the reset button;  buttons were usually green! 

Whose fault? check the did some play? said they were blowing up like the West Texas fertilizer plant... but whats really seen? 

Whats taught? its like Google vs UK Uncut...who'll work with ya?  spotted dipping down I-20 in Atlanta acting brand new in the Lexus..whats next with us? jokers said they're macking on the scene...

Whats taught? felonious acts usually take us under....its like the Papa John's pizza delivery man in Brooklyn selling cocaine..whats up man? jokers are slacking.....verified as I was observing the scene!

Check the Sonic Assault..some will get whats coming to them; ...these Thelonious Monk type soundscapes are part of the solution! 

....please!! hell is caught...these ATLiens were getting crunk..causing chaos and confusion! 

Meanwhile were moving at a high velocity like quantum computers used by NASA...cruising through the universe like 1998 QE2!! acting like we knew...shining like solar flares..trying to stay in perpetual motion!

Check the style / swag / steelo; as we go there...winning and losing!! others were juicing like David Ortiz?   please!!  authorities found residuals of the elixir or lotion! 

Check the style / swag / steelo as we get with you!! we had a notion ...its gotta be good!! were working on something! 

Check the style / swag / steelo!! putting it down after we hit the reset button!

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