Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Stay Fly and Carry On

 I was walking through Stonecrest Mall in Lithonia; dude rocked the shirt that said Stay Fly and Carry On

A so called player was stalking...tricking because he had it?  in the danger zone?  a snitch confessed they're on ya because of your attitude!! now on the no fly list!!  TSA will search your carry on! 
ATL hustlers hustle and continue to play!!  stay fly and carry on was the mantra! 

Strong arm musclers from 30 Deep smash the Polo store in Locust Grove after they were ran out of Atlanta!

Some might understand a bruh; no buffoonery!! but others act brand new with me; like Stephen Hawking boycotting Israel..they weren't checking for me! 

.....or they play me the wrong way; stirring up mess like the Benghazi situation per the Republicans..that can make for a long day or the wrong day when they're disrespecting me! 

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