Friday, May 24, 2013

Moving To The Next Chapter / After Being On Standby

Things were out of order!! some will plead the fifth like IRS officials....they even had us on standby! 

Order in the court!! that's what the judge said!! the defendant reacted after he heard the damn lie! 

Before the bridge collapsed on I-5 out in Washington I crossed the border or boundary; now taking it to the bridge!! dropping this street funk! that's how the sound will be!! jamming? please!! O-Dizzle tried to do his thing! 

O-Zone is not burning bridges...he's dropping knowledge...responding to the madness....the total chaos;  drama?  that's what a hater will bring! 

As we continue to do the damn thing!  after being on standby like this so called sequester....were on to the next we know what the real is...

Spotted the blind as the led the blind in; some are still on standby!! misled / waiting in the dark!! like mobile phone users in Nigeria..because of Boko Haram? whats up man?  others know what the deal is!
As we proceed and continue;  once on standby dealing with the mass hysteria like its Syria...but this brotha has moved on to the next chapter! 

Intergalactic with it!!  moving at a high velocity!! but with the speed you need..trying to avoid the next capture! 

Usually the next capture will be highlighted on CNN or Fox News! 

Stereotypical!! plus the radio / stereo is pitiful!! with Sean Hannity or Herman Cain;  hoping those or not your views! 

Some might understand me!! but I heard they brought pain to your crews!!  that's why I'm back on my regimen! 

The mothership landed us back on earth; check the Sonic Assault from my regiment! 

Jokers will get whats coming to them as we move on to the next chapter! 

As we proceed and continue; didn't eat off the Hell's Kitchen menu ...that leads to the next capture!

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