Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dysfuntional / How The Funk Should Go

 As we proceed and continue!! O-Dizzle gets busy!! but jokers tried to tell him how the funk should go!

Whats on the menu? O-Zone knew the dizzle!! telling you about the whole game being shady; ..like Carmelo Anthony we can't do it by ourselves; like the Knicks?  things are dysfunctional! 

Whatcha know?  Public Enemy said to shut it down!! remixed by Pete Rock..hustles? jokers knock..but nobody presented alternatives! 

Whatcha know?  this is word from a blue collar entity..just trying to work with this! 

Whose talking about "its all about a dollar" ??  Jamie Dimon style!! then try to befriend me ...with intentions on hurting this!

 Jokers were stalking about...like Hezbollah in Syria..soon they're subject to the authority; then told they were unworthy of this! 

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