Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Handling Business Before It Handles Us PT.5

As we proceed and continue / its business as usual;  were not shady like Liberty Reserve..we're handling business before it handles us! 

True indeed!  check out how we swerve down I-20 in Atlanta; O-Dizzle has the funky breaks...O-Zone has the random thoughts! 

True indeed! that means Sonic Assaults will be launched on those faking and fronting! 

Like lifting the arms embargo to Syria...we rebuke the mass hysteria...this is a preemptive strike before they try to strike us..interrupting our gathering and hunting! 

Its like that and like this; check the math we bring..based on jumping and recognizing! 

Its like that and like this;  the path were on is full of setbacks and obstacles ..the system will have us humping like were part of the Tea Party vs IRS; that's how they do things!! its not surprising!

But were humping anyway....blue collar style!! the last of a dying breed!

Check out how we play...a work ethic like the Miami Heat need? ....were handling business before it handles us..true indeed! 

Its Spring in the ATL as I write this; seeds are planted in fertile soil!

.....some in the Georgia Red Clay per Freddie Hubbard..does it represent bloodshed from chaos and turmoil? 

As melting pots boil on the stove or in the foundry; the catch phrase no justice no peace comes to mind?

O-Zone never quits and never stops!! I wrote this as the Taurus sun rays shine! 

Now it moved on to Gemini...whose a damn lie? in the danger zone?  I'm going for mine!! business gets handled! 

...before it handles us;  that's whats up!!  it'll be more than we can handle!

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