Saturday, May 18, 2013

As We Proceed / Just Trying To Maintain

As we proceed and continue….just trying to maintain…but  I see jokers are trying to play me the other way!

… I just got off the boat…. like I just got here the other day!

That’s why I have to play this thing another way … might fire missiles like North Korea!!  dealing with the mass hysteria…I’m keeping a lot of tools in my toolbox!

But not a shadetree mechanic over in Decatur Georgia working on the Mitsubishi Eclipse just to get a rock / hit… as I get breakbeat scientific it;  just like a ring of fire the end of the day?  they say that fool rocks!

Almost flipping out like your typical fanatic;  not planting questions in this scripture like the IRS vs The Tea Party….its not that kind of party…you know a fool knocks the hustle;  like that old catch phrase  / cliche they were cock blocking!

Almost skipping out like jokers not paying the rent around the first of the month..but I decided to stick and stay like old girl would say….so now I’m block rocking! 

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