Monday, May 20, 2013

Thick As Thieves

The posse was rolling deep...smash and grab like 30 Deep in Atlanta stealing polo shirts at the outlet mall;  they were rolling thick! 

Dude was like Sir Mix A Lot;  he didn't roll solo..his posse was on Broadway...rolling thick! 

The plot thickens...I was riding down Broadway up in Louisville in the Buick Regal..attitudes were rude!! the hustlers were hustling and the players were playing!

I was avoiding legal the NYC stop and frisk...longitudes and latitudes were tracked by satellites;  please!! I'm intergalactic when I drop these insights!! so whatcha saying? 
The mothership dips on them!! staying in flight but I heard what another was saying;  that fanatic ain't right!! knowledge is supposedly kicked! 

That mess wasn't believed!! its easy to be deceived by the political football like IRS and Benghazi...whose the armchair quarterback?  especially when a joker acknowledged he was deceived..he was tricked! 

Thieves were rolling thick!! ashes from the Dutch passed to the left hand side were flicked out the window of the GMC Yukon! 

Thieves were acting like they're controlling the A-Town!! but on Glenwood Rd?  Dekalb Police didn't play around!! they had more blue lights than K-Mart once had!! so whatcha on?

Weaponized drones will clock I told you!! NYC they'll stop and frisk!

Zones get hit up by those that were flipping out...those that were thick as thieves.... tsk! tsk!  tsk!

O-Zone is multi-tasking...check this good word..ten steps ahead; he'll kick what he believes...O-Dizzle will provide the soundtrack...

A joker was limelight basking...drawing attention..soon giving the freedom that he found back..

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