Friday, May 10, 2013

The Train Of Thought Just Left The Station PT.3

I heard the horn or whistle blow along the railroad tracks on Ponce De Leon in Clarkston;  the train has left the station! 

Now the train of thought is rolling!! we're getting our hustle on!! leaving the unpleasant situation! 

Pain experienced due to the ammonia leaking on the International Space Station....check out the malfuntion.. were caught up!! being in the system / matrix had something to do with it! 

The train just left the station!! whats the deal? now check how the GOP and Benghazi situation goes down...indications that unknowing participants followed the systems school of thought? apparently!! now some are fake with it!

Some are irrational..I'm ignoring what a fool was taught;  please!! angels come in all shapes and forms per Charles Ramsey; ...understand me? God is in control of this dominion! that one as I stay on the one...avoiding Gordon Ramsey Hell's Kitchen types... so whatcha knowing?  

Whatcha growing?  that's what the thought and fashion police asked!!  they heard I had a secret garden! 

Like Barry White and El Debarge and them!! episodes?  to the game I'm charging them! 

The train has left the station...I'm looking out the window;  gruesome / scary sights? I saw them....territories?   haters were trying to enlarge them! 

Unlike Donald Lawrence...checked the hostile takeover; jokers who were talking about going in getting it in barged in! 

Debatable circumstances occur..being built or torn down? bookmarks and benchmarks change..some find foreclosure when they were looking for closure...but the train has left the station!! those supposedly large and in charge were the engineers! 

This train of thought will rebuke the social and mechanical changes; even though a crook hunted marks..a shadetree mechanic with screwdrivers and wrenches marks up the material...but what we have is a safe haven / safe harbor?  the mothership O-Zone steers!

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