Monday, May 06, 2013

The Train Of Thought Just Left The Station PT.2 ...Its Still Rolling..

I noticed the train just left the station; Five Points Marta Station?  .....west bound to Hamilton E. Holmes or east bound to Indian Creek? 

Some missed it due to a short notice;  hard to maintain!!  meanwhile O-Dizzle is funky like Westbound Records / Parliament Funkadelic; .. others trip like the Tsarnaev Bros. or James Holmes;  the outlook is bleak!

Tripping out then flipping out!! whats up Holmes? please!!  I know life is hectic! 

I wasn't skipping out...I'm in the amen corner like an old school church deacon..check it! 

Back in the day?  wasn't at the Kentucky Derby on the red carpet...but up in Louisville playing the corner with the hustlers and the I keep it revolutionary! 

Whats the deal?  whats up with me? who will work with me? the train has left the station..the process was evolutionary! 

Evil made it scary to Israel attacking Syria..but irrational fears had to be ignored!

Discussions concerning my freedom are not arbitrary..the train has left the station...its not coming back as I cut the corner; the rhetoric is ignored! 

O-Dizzle brought the funky drumming back;  percussions were used like police firing on Christopher Dorner out in Big Bear California! 

......or in Gwinnett County Georgia...the train has left the station;  we ring the bell or alarm for ya!

Bringing this good word and sound is where you found me...after the train of thought left the station...

You heard? as we do it...scientific like the Mars Opportunity Rover; ...transmitting data to the International Space Station...

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