Monday, February 24, 2014

All Up In The Spot / The Process Wasn't Natural

Were all up in the spot;  like smog in Beijing...I see the process wasn't now we have technical difficulties! 

Soon some are victimized by the scheme or plot; meanwhile I'm doing the damn thing!! but some still question my abilities!

Thought and fashion police roll up like Israeli planes attacking Lebanon...but I'm not surprised;  opposition has been met since day one!

 Business as usual all up in the spot!  like Uganda anti-gay laws the apparatus will play one! 

...or play two or the whole crew!! understand a bruh..what can I say y'all? disgusting per Yoweri Museveni?  actually? the system will  play the masses! 

Acting like we knew!! knowing what the deal will be...soon conducting seminars and classes! 

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