Monday, February 24, 2014

The Chain Of Command / Chain Of Events PT.4

Doing the mathematics;  Mercury was I reflect on previous episodes! 

Reviewing the chain of events as a hater circumvents progress! they see I'm in retro-futuristic modes!

The lingering pain prevents some from moving forward..but this mystic interprets street codes like a true veteran in the game! 

Similar to posturing and fingering....that's per the professor in the DaVinci Code..I'm now coaching in the game!

Positive and negative outcomes during the chain of events? after observing the scene? I'm ready to roll..after doing the knowledge..suspicions were confirmed! 

Whats does it all mean? the chain of command is posted stays busy!! you'll get caught out there like  Alex Rodriguez..suspensions were confirmed! 

What does it all mean?  MP3s are posted up after CDs are burned by O-Dizzle while O-Zone knows the dizzle;  some were caught on the way back in!! that's  per El Chapo Shorty Guzman! 

Lessons were learned..the Sonic Blackjack will swing!! doing the damn thing!! out on I-20 in Atlanta we were cruising!

Lessons were learned..reality has the knack for the on the job training...egos? it's bruising..

No bridges are burned..Chris Christie and his peeps shut down some lanes...New Jersey residents? they're losing...

Knowledge was earned the hard collar style... as I contemplate the chain of events...

The arch nemesis was on the premises..following the chain of command..but I understand how a flagrant agent circumvents...

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