Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Chain Of Command / Chain Of Events PT.2

Its going down!! as I bear witness to the by product of the chain of events! 

..implemented by the chain of command..whats up man? its going down!!  I see what the deal is! like in Kiev Ukraine..the drizzle turned into the reign!! now a joker like Scott Walker circumvents! a joker said I'm hurting it!! my chances!! they said I should have went along with the program! 

Please!!  broken beats and English are the essence of this discipline ..O-Dizzle didn't fool with a slow jam!

 Whatcha know man?  funk is dropped like knowledge at the ATL players convention! 

...Actually its more than that!! I spotted  the ATL player that was third wheeling or  handcuffing like McGruff crime prevention! 

Unlike John Morales..check out what the style was..understand me?  I'm not bluffing!! I'm dedicated to the truth!! but thought and fashion police still try to roll up! 

Understand me?  having to be so ruff so tuff like Roger and Zapp.. up in this thing!! not trying to give my soul up! 

Not trying to give control up!! ready to roll after observing the scene.. as I checked the chain of events! 

The thrill was gone per BB King!! checked out the drama queen and the chain of command circumvents! 

The deal its gone!! it wasn't the Real Deal Holyfield..the euphoria is gone!! like in Syria territorial disputes come up!

...due to the chain of events..O-Zone maintains throughout it!! I'm  still working on a come up!

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