Monday, February 10, 2014

The Saga / Struggle Continues ; Its Rough Out Here In These Streets

Earlier..I mentioned the catch phrase;  no justice no peace! 

Jokers extended invitations to evil like drones targeting Americans;  whose fair with those / them?   now its rough out here in these streets! 

ATL players in Stacy Adams and Steve Maddens were on some Isley Brothers In Between The Sheets type of business! 

Players kept battling like they were playing John Madden or even the XBox One; ... KKK no longer rock sheets they wear business suits...shady and shifty was how they roll! that was the business! 

I knew what the deal was!!  I'm typing this good word on the Samsung phone at 11:11 am! 

I knew what the deal was...reflected on it at 1:11 pm..what's up man?  life is a marathon!!  so I kept running / I kept playing! 

Some were humming and bumming!!  asking for quarters like jokers at Five Points in Atlanta!! meanwhile I kept praying! 

Some will get whats coming to them!! armchair quarterbacks strategize..some believe the they keep playing! 

Its rough out here in these streets!! I keep laying in the cut waiting on the weather to clear! 

Meteorologists mention the polar vortex but I already know the sport is I show no fear!

No apologies for this per Marcus Smart.. the suspension is a jury will decide your fate per Ray Nagin..

These clearance rack epiphanies are from the heart...the saga / struggle's rough out here in these streets..word from Maurice whatcha saying?  


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