Sunday, February 23, 2014

The I-20 Chronicles / The Aftermath

Check out these I-20 Chronicles...once again its on!! this is the aftermath...after chilling outback! 

...out on the deck;  now I'm rolling through "the Dec" aka Decatur Georgia...a hater thought I was out of that! 

...or maybe it;  check me out...I didn't quit or forfeit!! plus I'm not like El Chapo Shorty Guzman..caught out there!!  but I could see the process wasn't natural! 

..Like 70 degree weather here in Atlanta in February; that's the I "holla atcha"

What's the deal with these? 360 degrees was the process;  last week was the ATL ice storm! 

Now check the clearance rack epiphanies ..similar to after winter sales...discounted though..considered not the norm...

What a difference a day makes per Dinah Washington; but its on again!!! funky is how the sound will get along with this good word...but like I said.. this breakbeat science is not the norm! 

...heard belligerence..from G20 meetings down under in Sydney to Washington powers that be...they say its not a storm!!

They weren't rocking like Terrence Parker at the Soul Of Sydney Block Party; ..meanwhile check out what were in...rain, sleet, I see dark clouds in the sky..enhanced by smoke and mirrors..but naysayers say its not inclement weather! 

Dipping down I-20 in Atlanta..this is the aftermath...after we drop this math..who'll understand a bruh? please!! no justice no peace is the catch phrase per Florida; but Fox News pundits are like whatever!

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