Friday, February 21, 2014

The Chain Of Command / Chain Of Events PT.3

As we proceed and continue...were caught in a moment of time! 

...due to the chain of events;  its a critical stage of  development..evil opponents thought they were in their prime! 

Now they're caught up in the Helix or the Dirty the slime or grime;  caught up in the system / matrix!

 Checking the time like looking at Flavor Flav's clock..some thought they had the real deal Holyfield!! but soon found out that these folk will fake it! 

Other jokers will take it!! their monkey asses will take that Last Train To Clarksville per the Monkees!

....said they would meet you at the station!! but  chain of events had me dipping down  I-64 on the way back from St. Louis..soon in Clarksville, Indiana up by I run these!

Like banks not all over Colorado pot money  I'm not on the one with these and those!!  the chain of command tried to front and flex on my people! 

Now this train of thought is rolling!! soon off the rails!!  but jokers are like the Detroit Bankruptcy..acting funny with the money..the smoke and mirrors I see through!

Hell and pain is caught...will the G20 in Sydney straighten the money out?  please!! I doubt it... 

Hell and pain is Al Shabaab attacking the Somalia presidential palace..going all out for it..

The chain of command was followed...others were out of it...they didn't connect the dots..

They didn't follow the chain of events..soon victimized by the schemes and plots...

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