Monday, February 17, 2014

The I-20 Chronicles / Presidents Day Edition

Once again its on!!  on this so called Presidents Day Holiday Weekend! 

Once again its on!! dipping down I-20 in Atlanta in the HOV lane listening to 91.9 WCLK...they had Kenny Barron on NPR...he had the jazz blend! 

Once again its on!!  wasn't listening to Hova or Kanye and them! O-Zone has always been on some other other! 

A spiritualist!! science is covered from Jehovah to Allah to
Jah....that's whats up with a brotha! 

The iron-fisted regime was similar to Putin in Russia!! or when Morsi was in Egypt! 

The playlist banged back in the day..just like today..The Egyptian Lover broke it down about Egypt, Egypt!

 Were not playing with this!! found out were on our own like Michael McDonald and Patti LaBelle!

Unlike Volkswagon workers in Tennessee rejecting the UAW...
corporations were hoping they fail! 

Meanwhile I sail down I-20 in Atlanta in the old Toyota Camry ...Detroit is mad at me! 

The style was once Detroit / GM with Buicks and Oldsmobiles.but they always broke down on me! 

The style was once Detroit; please!!  my peeps were on Grand Avenue in Motown!! but now check the city out.. they're broke / bankrupt;  too many hands in the cookie jar! 

We lost Detroit;  Gil Scott Heron mentioned we almost did back in the day;  ahead of his time / too far? 

Null and void contracts left scars on hearts, bodies, minds, and souls!

Dipping down I-20 in Atlanta...fools will think O-Dizzle is devoid of funk!!  but they're wrong!!  that's not how he rolls!

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