Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The I-20 Chronicles / How Will I Play It? I'm Staying In My Lane

Dipping down I-20 in Atlanta...I can see whats going on! Governor Deal declares a state of emergency due to the bad weather..so now I'm trying to hunker down per Larry Munson..trying to stay in my lane! 

Like the unrest in Syria danger zone business can overwhelm you!! I'm laying low in the bunker..down here away from the Charles Bronson Death Wish business...I can see what it do! I'm just trying to maintain!

 Let the healing process begin!! peace is elusive!! sometimes the pain is intense! 

The healing of the spirit is not complete!! as we take affirmative action during this debatable circumstance!

 Being built or torn down?  how are we working it?  blessed
and cursed at the same time? 

Amanda Knox style!!  one moment innocent but then tried again for the same crime! 

Understand a bruh;  O-Dizzle rocks!!  at the same time O-Zone will drop this good word! 

The mothership landed your dude down here with these earthlings!! not on the one with how they work things due to the drama
that occurred! 

The scene was observed;  soon I'll be ready to roll based on
those observations! 

But when I roll out I'll be staying in my lane! just trying to maintain ...still rocking the nation ..meeting my obligations!

Avoiding logjam situations...fools rushed in ...other fools crushed them...some Americans were targets of drones..

O-Dog will jam while rolling down I-20 in Atlanta...past episodes? I flushed them down the drain after doing the knowledge...this good word is O-Zone's!! 

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