Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Catch Phrase / Cliche PT.8 (No Justice No Peace )

 The saga / struggle continues...some are jumping and recognizing what it do..

Chefs in hell's kitchen present their menus to their clientele..oh yeah we can see what it do!!

O-Dizzle rocks the bells like LL Cool J while O-Zone lets you know the deal...this is how it's going down..

The reign began with a the rule is iron-fisted per Vladimir Sochi? it's going down...

Whats the deal? it's going down...the so called truth we're Jacksonville Florida? a jury of our so called peers will get it all wrong...

Jordan Davis shot down at the Gate Station on Southside Blvd...the shooter Michael Dunn  not facing murder charges...its all wrong..

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