Thursday, February 27, 2014

Its On Again; The Saga / Struggle Continues..It Doesn't Stop

Once again its on!! it doesn't stop...damn!!  the saga / struggle continues!!  its on again! 

I hit the switch / pressed the GCHQ in the UK spying on Yahoo users? ..almost like a punishment glutton!!..but I'm not one!! damn!! its on again! 

Just doing what I do!! like North Korea shooting missiles..or like UK beating Arkansas with home cooking..whats up y'all? check these Sonic Assaults..doing what I have to do!!  please!! I'm in
survival mode! 

Just acting like I knew!! I'm not crooked with this thing!! please!!  no justice no peace is part of the equation!! now jokers were in shuck and jive mode! 

Were out here where lies are told..that supposedly passes as the truth! 

Were out here!!  but I keep it in street mode!! based on default settings...Louisville / Newburg provided the proof!

....that its rough out here; as we go there..not taking things for

Its rough out here dealing with these earthlings!! word from a brotha from another planet!

The mothership has landed me on this forsaken planet Earth..check the smoke enhanced by mirrors...the polluted atmosphere..

Check the grey area scenarios...check the blurred lines...that's per Robin Thicke vs Paula Patton...whats up man? soon the Lord is shifting the atmosphere...

Checked out the Bay Area Scenarios...out there..seen, heard and lived we go there..bumping heads with Koch Brothers types.

Its on we go there...I'm doing this for my peeps...similar to  Obama My Brothers Keepers hypes..


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