Saturday, February 22, 2014

The I-20 Chronicles / How Were They Rolling?

Dipping down I-20 in Atlanta..who will understand a bruh? some might consider this Hazardous Material..but once again its on! 

Like the unrest in Ukraine..whats up man? whose slipping down a rabbit hole or sliding through a portal?  once again its on!

...already knowing how the sport will go...its complex;  but ATL wannabe macks and divas were still able to flex! 

Living out in Ellenwood in $300,000 homes around the corner from landfills and garbage dumps..still rolling in Escalades and BMW's....  ignoring the Ls and Ws..aka wins and losses they
kept on playing!! on to the next! 

Checking out the Deliberate Falsehood...whose acting false in the hood? I'm checking out these crooked coin tosses from wannabe Guardians Of The Galaxy rolling through these escapades..its on us to decipher the code! 

So whats good? dipping down I-20..rolling through the ATL behind jokers with Sons Of The Confederate license tags..representing burning crosses from back in the day..some were rolling through these charades enhanced by smoke and mirrors like its some kind of circus or carnival..that's why I'm in a discrete mode! 

...still following the street code!! that's based on Louisville / Newburg default settings... but there were mixed results! 

My peeps showed mixed emotions!! some of them were caught up in these cults! 

Being built or torn down?  notions of debatable circumstances were among us! 

The drama goes down from the ATL to Venezuela!! that was word from the prophetess!

We didn't let the madness stop us...we moved on to the next episode like Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake History Of Rap 5.. 

As we proceed and continue...back with this..we weren't following the fake...O-Dizzle has the hardcore style...he's transmitting live...

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