Wednesday, February 01, 2017

The Perspective PT.4 (The Humpday Extravaganza)

Here we go again, it's another HumpDay Extravaganza!! you'll have to pardon me for getting breakbeat scientific.

 Here we go again,  trying to get over the hump, still hustling!! some might understand a brotha and some won't!! still keeping  a positive perspective.

....In the midst of being disrespected  per Trump Executive Orders;  strong arm muscling? it's expected from these gamblers out for a fast buck. 

Cards are stacked and dice were loaded,  it doesn't matter how you voted!!  bombs exploded,  haters dipped in a fast truck. 
O-Zone? I didn't pass the buck check out the perspective!! staying down for the cause! now we're  all up in the spot!! Going In, now we're in it up to our necks!!

What's really going on? February is here, Black History Month!! some are asking if it's needed; probably now more than ever as we deal with the  uncouth; a hater disrespects..

What's really going on? acting funny, contrary? history is in the making we weren't faking!!  listening to the Roots What They Do reminded me, plus reminded per  Roots like Alex Haley.

But concepts are universal as I streak across the galaxy like a solar tsunami!!  maybe like a Hale Bopp comet or Halley's.

Noticed that the game is Shady like Grady, I see how the drama can get like Charles Barkley vs Lebron James!! in these games? my intuition was working overtime.

Noticed that the game is Shady like Grady! bear witness to what it do! what's popping?  perspective changed as I get over with mine? 

Charlatans try to take yours and mines!!  what's the perspective? 2Pac mentioned changes!! 

Starting on this February 1, trying to get things done!! trying to stay positive, is that strange?

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