Saturday, November 04, 2017

Autumn Nights | Lofi & JazzHop

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a rainy Saturday Night in Atlanta Georgia...

I know; for the music experts the first thing they won't to do is sing Brook Benton's Rainy Night In Georgia..

I know how that works so I just laugh and continue to drop this math per The Saturday Night Fever format..

Oh yes!! you can expect the music : jazz / funk / hip hop / house music / soul music : alright? I know you can use it, due to going through this and that!!

What's up with this and that? we're listening to Autumn Nights | Lofi and JazzHop courtesy of Fantastic Music

What's up with this and that? check out the playlist and the mix!! jazz? hip hop? oh yes!! it's fantastic music..

♫ Tracklist ♫

 00:00 Guru Griff - Sure Enough

 01:12 Guru Griff - Tonight

 02:30 Bassti - break the beats

 04:16 Ella Mae x Slim. - Stop.Rewind

 05:40 gossetaf - Lovestruck

 06:55 minthaze - Divinity

 08:20 Ol'Burger Beats Interlude (3)

 09:23 mr. käfer - Downlow 

 11:18 Slim. - Lit 

12:44 Joey Pecoraro - Finding Parking.

15:17 Ol'Burger Beats - Mind Games (Instrumental)

17:43 FloFilz - Reissleine

20:22 Philanthrope - Frameworks Pt.2

 22:07 Didi Crazzz - Lueur

 24:03 Simon Jefferis - Goodnight

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