Monday, November 13, 2017

Damn!! Here We Go Again!! Once Again? It's On!!! PT.7

Damn here we go again! Once Again? It's On!! the saga / struggle continues!!  the website even wanted me to get the app.  

...That way they can monitor with cookies;  behavior modifications for rookies?  some deserved a pimp slap. 

They were tools of the apparatus, I checked the status!! money was owed to corporations, loan sharks and bookies!! due to #metoo even Harvey Weinstein types say it's hard out here for a pimp!! even Roy Moore will say it's like this and like that. 

Acting reckless with this? check the score as these schools will get knowledge dropped on them!!  this spiritual warrior will continue to fight this and that.  

Check this prognosis after we analyzed the information;  old school / new school / next school?  no school will rule. 

We're coming out fresh with a brand new batch!! we still gather and hunt looking for a spiritual jewel. 

..then we drop it on them,  the onus is on them!! it's like the Trump administration and Russia collusion

Damn!! Here We Go Again!! Once again it's on son!!  but due to this Monday morning down in the dump demeanors will make some succumb to the confusion. 

This by- product of the institution will have some losing it!! like the Texas Church Shooting and Las Vegas mass shooting  the situation is out of control!!

My conduct an illusion / delusion?  naw!!  I'm not trying to roll like Trump and Duterte!! the situation is out of control..

My conduct? sonic tools I'm using!! this good word is dropped and beats will thump! this is how it'll work..

Damn!! Here We Go Again!! Once Again? It's On!! these cats continue to put in work!!

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