Thursday, November 16, 2017

Purple Rain ☂️ | Lofi HipHop

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what's known as Throwback Thursday!! but we're retro-futuristic..

The saga / struggle continues, I guess because we're still hungry / thirsty; damn!! that meal? I missed it!

Damn!! what's on these menus? please!! I mentioned the reign began with a drizzle!!  you'll get overthrown like Robert Mugabe!

The reign of terror is still  ongoing!!  someone mentioned "a hint of pain, to numb the plain.. to wash the stain of your purple rain" but what's the plan?  a devil's advocates apparently high off that lean or  Purple Drank was heard saying you can't stop me!!

Down here in the ATL? it's sunny with blue skies outside but I'm trying to chill out /  maintain during the ongoing storm, listening to Purple Rain ☂️ | Lofi HipHop courtesy of Fantastic Music

Check out the playlist and the mix; this is not to be confused with Prince's Purple Rain; also fantastic music.. 

♫ Tracklist ♫

 00:00 J'san - I feel serene

 01:14 contrived (Studio Ghibli)

 02:31 RudeManners - Holding Hands

 04:34 rainlord. - For Her

 06:02 Smoke Trees - Redux

 07:52 enjo - keep on

 09:06 Champloo - .: 不 需 要 :.  

11:40 dné - Meeting Points At 2AM

 14:16 idealism x jinsang - winter bokeh

 16:16 KUPLA - fell in love in a dream 

18:27 Lucid Green - swimming under the rain x idealism

 19:57 L U C I D - Suave (w_Soft White)

 21:09 charlie toØ human - that just_got home from work_type of beat

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