Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Damn!! Here We Go Again!! Once Again? It's On!!! PT.8

Damn!! Here We Go Again!! Once Again? It's On!! It's going down!!  we're in the midst of Scorpio season.

One week is left as I write this but Jupiter and Venus combined;  hot style makeover time for no reason?

 Acting brand new with me?  some were hostile, the takeover was imminent /  treason was exhibited.

The ambush was repelled,  I excel and prevail!! I  borrowed a line from Nas so what's up with it? 

The Bush family repelled Trump then Bannon hollered / clapped back at them!!  check the behavior exhibited. 

Like Roger Goodell everybody ain't able!! the bum rush makes it hard out here for a pimp!!  they'll get slapped  like the Harvey Weinstein fiasco exhibited. 

Expelled from the hood / ghetto pass revoked like Peter Vecsey?  naw, don't test me!! O-Zone is cold crushing , trying to be real with it!!  the fake stuff has a limited shelf life. 

What's good? please!! we're trying to deal with it; what?  the setbacks and obstacles /  part of the toil and strife. 

Damn!! Here We Go Again!! Once Again? It's On!!! trying to get my mind right rocking these and those sounds plus dropping these insights. 

Damn!! Here We Go Again!! Once Again? It's On!!! the mothership has landed,  now check out the knowledge dropped gained in those flights. 

O-Zone is shining Northern Lights while trying to get to the bottom of situations like the House Judiciary hearing questioning Jeff Sessions..

Danger zone business? please!! we're hip to the game like Lord Finesse!! haters will try to stress like the script being flipped per uranium deals and Clinton Foundation investigations by Jeff Sessions!!

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