Monday, November 27, 2017

The I-20 Chronicles (The Holiday Weekend Recap)

Check out these I-20 Chronicles!! the saga / struggle continues,  excuse me for the emphasis. 

This is the Thanksgiving Day / Black Friday recap but reality will pimp slap!! a Beautiful Struggle like Talib Kweli mentions?  my people know what the deal is. 

Thanks are given, but is  Black Friday related to slavery?  my people say they know what the real is!!  it's rough out here for my constituents. 

How will this black man play? I see how they feel about  that and this!!  guards / defense? some are dropping this,  taking to opiates and barbiturates.

Reality fueling the opioid crises? some of my people paying are high prices on so many levels. 

Reality fooling some?  they're devoid of funk so they'll fake it!!  it's not nice to fool Mother Nature,  told to so many devils. 

I'm wrote this on so called sacred grounds but so many pitchforks and shovels are used by devil's advocates. 

...Also known as shade tree mechanics;  damn! they even had us stranded out on I-20 in Conyers!! society molded them like ceramics. 

We continue to drop these mathematics, we weren't pimping like John Conyers or Al Franken!! damn!! due to the foul system or even Google / Facebook and Twitter algorithms I see the party went on without us. 

Per this so called Cyber Monday we couldn't get hyper money!! we're not rolling like the Sugarhill Gang / Big Bank Hank and them!! The saga / struggle continues!!  we know society will continue to doubt us. 

 We're still rolling down I-20 in Atlanta after this holiday weekend!! the saga / struggle continues!! damn!!  that's one of my favorite catch phrases. 

We're still rolling down I-20 in Atlanta!! per Music Monday?  a brotha is trying to bear witness to Isley Brothers type next phases

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