Saturday, April 14, 2018

Deep & Soulful Mix April 2018

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday afternoon but O-Dog has this day party going...

The saga / struggle continues!! the music will play, soon the smoke / fog enhanced by mirrors will lift!! it's going...

In the meantime and between time? we're "going for what we're knowing" ; it's on and popping...

My people are struggling!! It's going down from the ATL  to Syria where bombs were dropping...

My people are struggling!! the madness wasn't stopping, so we're dropping this Deep & Soulful Mix April 2018 for them..

It's courtesy of DJ Steve Adams ; dude is jamming!! it's going down!! whether we do or don't somebody is damning!! my constituents wonder who's for or against them!!


1. Adam Joseph ft Lady Red Couture - The Rent (Seb Skalski Remix) 

2. Midnight Star - Midas Touch (Jamie Lewis Touch The Stars Mix) 

3. Rapson - Heat (Exclusive Extended Mix) 

4. Soulmagic ft J-Sun - I Wonder 

5. Andy Ward ft Sofia Rubina - Bring That Vibe (Lenny RX & Kenny Summit Mix) 

6. Husky & Meital De Razon - Make It Fly 

7. Mi Casa - Nana (Shane D Remix)

 8. David Penn ft Lisa Millett - JoIn Us (Full Intention Remix)

9. White Soul Projec ft Oumy - I'd Like to Be with You (Remix Vocal) 

10. Random Soul - If We Let Go Tonight (Full Intention Remix) 

11. Soulmagic - Someone Like You 

12. Husky ft Kadija Kamara - Ready For Your Love 

13. Ralphi Rosario ft Xaviera Gold - You Used To Hold Me (Spiritchaser Vocal Mix)

14. Brentano ft The Nudes - Infatuation 

15. Steven Stone ft Jessy Howe - If You Leave Me (Spiritchaser Remix)

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