Monday, April 02, 2018

The Specialist PT.5

Due to the  Cambridge Analytica / Facebook shady dealing I was told to sign in;  they told this specialist alignment was needed to the apparatus. 

If not? some will take it to the bridge like China / US tariffs;  it's even tit for tat like America and Russia expelling diplomats!!  check the status. 

Oh yes!!  check the status from this specialist  as I "holla atcha"  from the spot where diplomatic immunity is verified.

Started writing this on Resurrection Day, it's the culmination of Holy Week even the Pope will speak on it but like Trump vs Stormy Daniels somebody lied. 

Per the Blue Moon Friday / Saturday? checking out Trump vs DACA as somebody cried because their status is threatened. 

Beats thump and this good word is dropped as I act real special with this,  letting people know about the storm we weathered.

Some wondered why this specialist  bothered; you heard the catch phrase / cliche;  they said it is what it is!!

Deuteronomy 28:3? this brother is blessed in the city and the field!  for those that wondered!  now we show them what it is. 

The response from me? told them some are stressed in my city!! Louisville was knock out of the field by Mississippi State in three different ways...

The response from me?  told them some are stressed in my city!! they even say Katina Powell and Andre McGee ran a criminal enterprise in so many ways...

The response from me? acting special in so many ways? accusations are met...

The response from me? this is word from the specialist!! I told my constituents the fix was in,  so don't place a bet!!

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