Sunday, April 15, 2018

Smooth Jazz Session Mix 123 #Jazz 3000

Sunday Jazz Continues on a rainy day in Atlanta!! it’s a perfect time for this smooth jazz format…

The saga / struggle continues also; understand a brotha? trying to work it out, but fools treat me like Trump vs Comey; I was told to “go on with that”

This good word is dropped plus beats will thump homie!! we go on with that, per another interpretation..

Jokers flipped flopped like James Comey concerning Clinton e-mails, in the meantime and between time we set sails for mystic voyages!! but admitting, everything is not working..

Jokers like me hip hopped earlier, now a homie is working things another way; listening to Smooth Jazz Session Mix 123 #Jazz 3000

It’s courtesy of  Smooth Jazz Nation Power   with DJ Equip Mode as the sound selector!! check out the playlist and the mix!! they’ll keep it 100 / 1000..

Track List:
1.Brian Simpson – In The Rain
2.Citrus Sun – Mais Uma Vez (One More Time)
3.Gary Honor – Way Back When
4.Walter Beasley – Let Me Watch You
5.Tom Braxton – Endless Highway
6.Jay Rowe ft Vincent Igala – Rosemary’s Tune
7.P. B.- Sunrise on Sunset
8.Blair Bryant – My Gift
9.Dean James – DJ’s Groove
10.Blake Aaron – Vivid
11.D.Mills – France
12.Greg_Adams & East Bay – Soul Look Book

Smooth Jazz Session Mix 123 #Jazz 3000 | Whats Really Going On?

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