Monday, April 30, 2018

Paying The Cost To Be The Boss PT.9

We're paying the cost to be the boss!!  this full moon in Scorpio manifesto is dropped from a breakbeat scientific perspective. 

 A fool will swoon when the sport is going lovely like Trump at the Michigan rally!! it's all love,  success is expected. 

High noon confrontations aborts expectations!!  no peace like North and South Korea?

 Fooling congregations like a slick preacher? I see some parishioners break north after the scenario.

Paying the boss to be the boss!! schooling congregations!! reaching my constituents,  sharing this with the masses.

Paying the boss to be the boss? oh yes!! retooling processes after the system stresses!! was the constitution violated?  while jokers hated we conducted seminars and classes.
Paying the boss to be the boss? oh yes!! for real though!  like Eric Bledsoe not knowing who Terry Rozier was we're trying to find out what the so called real know. 

Paying the boss to be the boss? oh yes!! like John Wall trying to call out the rest of the Washington Wizards there's been a lot of fronting and faking it's really starting to show. 

Paying the boss to be the boss? oh yes! but no hunting and gathering y'all;  like Ronny Jackson up in Washington it's more like faking the funk / Hollywood stunting. 

Like Pink Floyd mentioned due to Monday morning action? just another brick in the wall per Music Monday!! no Hollywood Swinging like Kool and the Gang!!  no home runs,  a lot of bunting.

Stunting like  Michele Wolf at the White House Correspondent Dinner? 

Jokers cry wolf like the Trump White House; paying the cost to be the boss? a real winner?

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