Monday, April 09, 2018

The Specialist PT.8

The saga / struggle continues!! this is word from a specialist that's letting you know it's rough out here!! I'm looking at menus that are limited. 

Oh yes!! acting real special with this, per another episode; like Trump vs Stormy Daniels will the truth be told?  some were accused of being dim witted. 

Some created a special list, now like Jimmy Kimmel vs Sean Hannity the truth is disputed when pitted against different perspectives. 

The ruthless looted the treasury, aided by Cambridge Analytica?  now they're one percent while the masses are disrespected.  

Thoughts are collected after doing the math,  now I'm breaking out of LZ Square per Rick James; I'm back on the path.

 Sonic assaults are unleashed after spring breaking  / cleaning  / training; some were slick in these games but we're maintaining after feeling the wrath. 

No last laugh!! those that are faking the funk like Main Source per Music Monday will find out what goes around comes around...

At the end of the day? they're breaking north after straying off course!! but of course this specialist will come with the sound..

At the end of the day? this good word tells you that its all an illusion /  just smoke and mirrors...

Will we find our way? we're not out the woods yet, but we can see some daylight; check this specialist's insight as we spiritually fight the Syrian chemical attack like horrors / terrors..

Will we find our way? we're not out of these hoods yet!! still on I-20 in Atlanta on the Eastside / Southside...

We're on our way! we've got the goods,  excuse us for acting special with this but  what else can you expect from the specialist? this is how we ride!!

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