Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Paying The Cost To Be The Boss PT. 4

The saga / struggle continues on what I call Terrible / Terrific Tuesday!! still paying the cost to be the boss!  still rolling down I-20 in Atlanta. 

Everyone acts like they're important, like they're a boss;  I guess they are in some form or fashion!  someone might understand a brotha. 

They might understand or dig what I'm saying!!  somebody told me to stop hating and get over it like Dr Phil would say.

Or maybe like the Iyanla Vanzant tour underway; in the meantime and between time the mothership landed me in this forsaken territory!!  hostility is dealt with like an old school Baptist preacher,  let us pray.

Then let us play this to the best of our abilities!!  like Villanova during the NCAA basketball tournament during March Madness. 

It's going down as I write this, the game is not over even though it is for some!! I enlighten my constituents about that and this,  we're dealing with the madness.

Paying the cost to be the boss!! like the ongoing Trump drama the saga/ struggle continues as I like to say,  and you might recognize.

 I keep repeating it!!  but the purpose? like others per Sean Hannity  I'm not defeating it!!  the pattern?  some should recognize. 

The problem rectified itself? some might understand me as we work this unconventional wisdom. 

Paying the cost to be the boss!! the logic was twisted as authority is defied,  after being caught up in the matrix / system

Rocking it!!  but subject to the authority?  oh yes!! Titus 3:1 is mentioned by preachers while  astrologers blame it on Saturn in Capricorn. 

Rocking it!! paying the cost to be the boss but glitches in the matrix dominate;  situations aren't the norm.

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