Thursday, March 28, 2013

Subject To The Authority PT.7 / Check Out How It Goes Down

Damn!! it goes down!! now look; its like denial of service attacks against Spamhaus Project Ltd., soon were subject to the authority! 

Damn!! it goes down!! some were like Oscar Pistorius..ego tripping!! soon were all subjects of drama royalty! 

A Negro is tripping!!  that's what they said when I objected to things in this hostile territory; whose for or against us? like Kardashians or American Idols....subjects or topics were irrelevant! 

Part of an Elaborate Fantasy that was a Negro aka black man is flipping this knowledge; but I acknowledge an earthling won't be benevolent! 

The devil can get all up in the details!! understand me? check the fine print in the contract...they're hoping one fails;  now check the information overload! 

The coping strategy fails!! especially when the buster or mark signed the contract..they tried to be like Joaquin Guzman...a drug overlord! 

Soon going or wanting to go overboard!! like they were on a Cardinal cruise ship! 

Subject to the authority in hostile territory like in Lexington!!  jokers were hoping the Louisville Cardinals lose it! 

Subject to the authority!! those with so called power like in Syria abuse it!!  then it all falls apart!

 Subject to the authority!! check the mass wonder what one with so called power calls a heart!

Another balls up in the sport!! but winning streaks come to an end just like Miami's 

...Soon subject to the authority...some might understand these clearance rack epiphanies... 

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