Friday, March 29, 2013

Doing The Knowledge / Business As Usual

Were out here doing the knowledge..this is business as usual... the prophets were letting me know what it do! 

There's no information overload...some of the knowledge was secret so I'm discrete with it... acting like I knew! 

Street with it!! following the code...this is based on Louisville / Newburg default settings..its a hood thing! 

Its not my fault history is repeating!! like North Korea was flexing!!  purposes?  a brotha is not defeating!!  its gotta be a good thing! 

A joker was talking about a knock on wood thing...please!!  even when in Lagos Black Jesus was crucified..letting you know God is in the blessing business! 

A joker was stalking!! something about catching up on his pimping ...then expected God to bless his business! 

....Like a shady Wall Street stock broker and corporate CEO stressing a business like Bain Capital!! then cash out when it goes under! 

Jokers were shady down on y'all's street!!  real estate investors flipped houses!! but buyers had no capital..check the foreclosure!! now neighborhoods go under! 

Meanwhile I continue flying below the radar like drones used by the police /government; but I keep doing the knowledge! 

Meanwhile I continue healing the scars..please!! I was out there!! but I kept on running!! the mothership gets good mileage! 

Knowing how foul it can get!!  some think its a joke like Tony Danza! 

Knowing how foul it can get!! jokers keep score like Adam Lanza! 

As we move on to the next stanza...who understands the brotha when I drop this breakbeat science? 

After doing the knowledge realizing how foul it is!!  dealing with these dangerous minds!

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