Monday, March 04, 2013

The Flow

Instructions were received; secret politics like the conclave in Rome?  whats up Holmes?  I was told to go with the flow! 

Corruption by those who deceived can be the by product; just check out the policies established..but no questions for ya.... I just go for what I know! 

Like the Florida sinkhole both construction sites and crime scenes can be surrounded by the yellow caution tape! 

Whats up son they asked; being built or torn down? that was another question....but circumstances were debatable; but like Ammar Harris the goodfella was planning an escape!

Going with the flow? one advances...but whose fair with this? egos are deflatable..those tripping will crash and burn! 

Earlier? they were in the know!! like Warren Buffett..talking about the cash they'll earn! 

Principles clash with what they learn Mr Cole mentioned rat race  / dog eat dog!

The invincible? they'll have their last stand like Custer or Christopher Dorner;  burners scorch the earth;  whats it all worth dog? 

Far from a Buster...knowledge gained in Louisville hanging on the corner..but going with the flow is paramount per the instructions that were received! 

But going for what I know is only natural for this bro!! that's the deal...corruptions had the masses deceived!

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