Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Exile

Chilling out!!  laying in the cut...I wasn't the No. 1 seed like the Louisville Cardinals....knowing how the sport goes... this is a self imposed exile! 

Dealing with it!! out there!! John Boehner and the other corrupt ones had everything messed up!! it's  realized after I did the knowledge....the situation was more mysterious than an X-file!

Jokers need to acknowledge; were up  next with a new style....a new flavor like Craig Mack!

On to the nexttold little homie it was the end of the story!!  but no bridges burned in case I have to come back!

 O-Dizzle will take it to bridge..exploding like the solar storm this past Friday...he brought the drum back;  some will get whats coming to them!  
 Check the style!! the sonic blackjack hits them upside the head!! safe havens and safe harbors / shelters and sanctuaries?  jokers are running to them! 

Some are in exile;  I had to admit...Total Chaotic / helter-skelter conditions even had me tripping!

 It got lonely out there...but I kept on I'm back with the next style;  but if things get foul?  this brotha is dipping!

A brotha is slipping through the portal...dipping down I-20 in Atlanta...the Chronicles told you what it do..

This veteran in the game knows how the sport will go...please!! jokers talk the other way like Karl Rove vs Sarah whatcha saying? I knew how these folks would act...the Gangsta Chronicles told you what it do... 

Whats the response to this? acting like I knew was the deal..I chilled was a self imposed exile..

Whats the response to this? getting scientific like the Higgs Boson check the next style... 

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