Thursday, March 28, 2013

Check The Status PT.3 (Concepts Are Revisited)

Looking at the sports page...New York Times or Washington Post..I checked the statistics! 

Winning streaks like Miami's come to an some want to say Lebron is whining...what's the deal with it? 

Weaknesses are exploited..even Spamhaus is denied service...contracts are null / voided...whose real with it? 

Word from a veteran in these sports!!  missions?  some hope a brotha aborts!! that's what the status is! 

The apparatus states that everything is on the up and up!! check the stock market!

 But the masses are still struggling; word from Cyprus!! check the status;  letting you know how being in between a rock and a hard place can get!

War between the classes?  the hard rock made the hard face!! part of the ATL car jacking crew?

We go there!! conducting classes..those that were tripping? with the Blackjack..were jacking you! 

Checked the Elaborate Fantasy? some were constructing or building classics? even big homie was showing me what macking will do!!  he was catching up on his pimping! 

Checked the status.....its rough out here;  this is not a simple thing!

Check the we bounce / pimp through this thing in Nike Air Force Ones like its nothing but actually it is.. 

Check the we continue to drop sounds and this good word ..putting it down like Russian forces..with Black Sea military exercises...

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