Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Going Back The Way I Came In

.....Went off in a new direction...please!! we can blame it on the Vernal Equinox..even though O-Dog rocks...I'm going back the way I came in!

 Road rage made some go off at the intersection!!  spotted when I was going back in...I noticed like Robert Griffin III others try to play in the game again! 

Old age? young age? some step away from the game...some stick around like Tony Gonzalez...

Some stepped in the way of oncoming traffic!! like on I-285 in Atlanta....death wish like Charles Bronson?  they crash and burn!! I guess its on me to bear witness to what foul is!

....So the dial is set on the time machine; I press the on I-65 headed back to Louisville! 

Could keep rolling on up to Indianapolis to see the Ville in the NCAA tourney...even though Obama picked Indiana I'm hoping the Cards can keep it real....

Going back the way I came with this...not going back to Indiana like the Jacksons..this is a different deal.. 

So the swagger or style is set; check the way I wasn't affected much by ATL shenanigans;  I was able to keep it real! 

....So the joker with the dagger making foul / shady moves like using chemical weapons in Syria was spotted wheeling and dealing! 

The Wall Street stock broker made foul / shady moves!! so did little in homie in Gwinnett County;  check the the shoe game?  its all how you feeling?

Alt shift delete is a haters mission..per foul / shady moves made by Nathan Shady Deal in Dekalb County...its all game...and the whole game is shady;  so how you feeling? 

The Lord will lift us up to where we belong!!  so I went back the way I came..knowing it was the real thing!

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