Monday, March 25, 2013

The I-65 / I-75 Chronicles PT.2 / The Return Engagement

Had a minute or composing these I-65 / I-75  Chronicles! check how I respond to these and those..I went back in the same way that I left; this is the return engagement! 

I didn't come back empty handed...dropping breakbeat science on the masses when the mothership landed....but like Afghanistan I had to fight for what I have;  haters ignored the rules of engagement! 

Whats up man? ...those fools were flagrant like Evan Spencer Ebel in Texas..fouling!!  no Prague or Geneva Convention principles! 

Schools of thought were answers are vague non believers dipped down I-65 in Nashville in the Lexus...but jokers  showed no conventional wisdom..not even Atlanta school Principals! 

Fools thought catching up on their pimping was the answer they played like Herman Cain! 

...The whole game was shady...check the smoke and mirrors; smoky like mountains in East Tennessee per 1610 radio... I heard others were in pain! 

No pain no gain was the cliche or slogan for those trying to get open!! word from the brotha from Ohio...spotted on I see they're broke down! 

Caught out there in the rain / reign...on I-75 between Knoxville and Atlanta..but I'm staying in my lane;  check the return engagement... didn't fake it with this good word / plus beats are broken...check the sound!

Its going down!!  it's gotta be good...just like that!! Mystic Voyages are taken from Pluto to Mars; back down to earth in the ATL or Louisville!

Its going down!!  check the return engagement...trying to get back on top like Tiger Woods....but a hater discourages..but we already knew the deal! 

Its going down!! the return engagement...but its tight in these hoods!! the money is funny like in Cyprus...not excited by this!!  fouls were flagrant when we drove the lane!!  like we were hit by Metta World Peace! 

Its going down!! back in the ATL we fight through this.. check the return engagement;  Las Vegas bets are placed for a this world there's no justice or no peace!

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