Monday, March 18, 2013

The Block Is Hot

Borrowed a line from the Lil Wayne;  I noticed that the block was hot! 

Still going for mine....even though thought and fashion police patrol like its Mogadishu!! looking for al-Shabab...meanwhile I'm  acting like I knew...playa hating!!  I knock their hustle, scheme, or plot! 

I sabotage their operations like I was M23 in the Congo..just like they did mine!! they'll get whats coming to them!

Rocking Jordan 23 shoes...knowing how it go...overpaying check the barrage!!  the steady bombardment of the enemy position O-Zone is dropping this good word and O-Dizzle is funky drumming on them! 

We kept on running on them!!  even though it got lonely out there!

Otherwise..the block is still hot...takeovers are hostile like Detroit's ....contracts are null and the Dekalb County school board; ....haters sweat the technique per Eric B and we go there! 

Otherwise...the block is still hot;  Cyprus has to be bailed out!! in spite of this little homie pulled in caper over in Decatur..caught..but he wasn't bailed out!! front lines of spiritual warfare?  true indeed!!  along with other spots! 

..wise and otherwise were predictable like Golan Heights oil drilling by American companies; check the schemes and plots!

Wise to the set up; whats their story?  it was an Elaborate Fantasy.. still defeating the purpose ...whatever that is! 

Whats their story?  the so called expert tried to tell me it is what it is!

Whats the real story? please!!! the block is hot.. I laid back in the cut and peeped the outcome!

 I peeped game...the battle between the haves and have nots;  told some its gotta be good!!  just like I pulled out the drum!

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