Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Saga / Struggle Continues; Routines / Rites and Rituals PT.2

The saga / struggle continues...can Pope Francis fix it? they said he was involved in the Dirty War in Argentina!! now the Chi-Lites ask;  have you seen her?  apparently the medicine was addictive  / habit forming!

 The saga / struggle continues...I wasn't meddling I was doing the knowledge!! like finding the Higgs boson  jumping after recognizing!

 Now I'm downsizing!!  backing away from the buffet son!!  now like the conclave some wait on smoke signals as others continue to go through the rites and rituals! 

Not surprising me;  please!!  I grew up in Louisville / Newburg surrounded by habituals!

Not surprising me;  government officials weren't bipartisan..emphasized at CPAC by Rick now we have the so called sequester! 

Its not surprising me some didn't know whats up!!  hanging out with Uncle Vester! 

Comical like the Addam's Family Uncle Fester!!  but some didn't think its funny!

 Knowing how a con will do!!  a habitual criminal playing around with the money! 

Word from G8 and G20 and all the other crooks!! now the whole planet is in turmoil! 

It's not too late I told "G Money"...the stock market is rising..but I told him it's Gotta Be Good...just like that!! I was playing the basic hunter / gatherer role;  plus planting seeds in fertile soil!

 But dude said its all about the money!! pimping like Ammar Harris out in Las Vegas dipping in the Range Rover! 

Going through the rites and rituals; some roll with the other team like Christopher Dorner..but now the game is over!

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