Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Knocked Off Balance PT. 3 / The Recovery

Its going down!! the recovery / healing process..after being knocked off-balance!

Its going down!!  this brotha will be maintaining….O-Zone dropped this good word while O-Dizzle rocked the palace!

Haters knocked the hustle…showing malice…disrespect was shown …what are they on? ….R.I.P Hugo Chavez…

Debaters knocked the the Rand Paul filibuster concerning John Brennan..whats really going on / happening? please!!

The league locked some out!! jokers played it like Alice in Wonderland!!  but reality interfered with the fantasy!

Intrigue caught the attention of authorities!!  now malice is shown like North Korea vs South Korea;  whose going under man?  after building an Elaborate Fantasy!

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