Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Moving Forward / Now Whats Next?

As we proceed and continue; we were caught up in traffic like I-285 in Atlanta...or on smoke filled I-75 in East Tennessee...but now were moving forward! 

True indeed!! smoke and mirrors? we try to see through...it was hard on the vehicle!! lights blink on the instrument panel!! expecting delays, issues, and problems; as we move forward! 

True indeed!! dealing with Bosco Ntaganda / Congo warlord "Terminator" style jokers!! but they haven't broke us...meanwhile a coward will turn around and go back home!!! but I've got places to go and people to see! 

Local, international, and even intergalactic..like SpaceX Dragon I trip out then splash down to earth...I told a Roscoe style fanatic no telling where they might see me! 

Then others said they see me when I don't see them!! its just like North Korea flexing....they sweat the swag or steelo!

 ...checking the scenario...that's how it is!! whistle blowers try to sweat a fly Negro!

 But they can't keep up with this flow!! moves are made!! but not trying to be stiff like DL Hughley on Dancing With The Stars! 

Moves are made!!  on to the next!! but  it's ugly!! like the new Secret Service boss  Julia Pierson were dealing with the riff raff !! as frick and frack try to raise the bars! 

Moves are made!!  on to the next!!  I had the knack for this survival thing! 

Moving forward!!  O-Dizzle is Transmitting Live!!  doing the damn thing! 

Its all the way live like Lakeside!! damn!! check out the damn thing!! influenced by the Mars Sun Uranus conjunction in Aries!

As it opposes Pluto...but we know how it go...fake is how some ride!! Cyndi Lauper true colors revealed; whose fair with these?

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