Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lights Blink On The Instrument Panel PT.2

Rolling on the mothership out in the galaxy; like asteroids headed to earth... but soon lights blink on the instrument panel!

 Similar to the check engine or low fuel lights in the hooptie!! soon trapped in the Lions Den like Daniel!

 Dealing with these new type gangsters!! in business suits!!  no Converse, khakis, and flannel like the gangs of LA! 

....Even they upgraded rocking White Tees and Air Force Ones's all game...but quarterbacks will call a reverse;  check the play!

 So how will we play? all about peace like Obama in the Mideast!!  landing on earth with these monkey ass jokers over here in Decatur Georgia! 

....misunderstanding me because I'm not from around these parts!! but know about the drama from the West to the East...and all points in between...a hater will try to start with ya! 

Lights blink on the instrument panel...a reflection of our condition? whose playing a part in the ongoing chaos and mayhem on earth? 

Players were playing and hustlers were hustling!! from the ATL to Hollywood to Las Vegas..from Pakistan to Damascus...meanwhile I'm exercising my mental muscle;  seeing what its all worth! 

I'm praying and cursing at the same lights blink on the instrument panel!!  the rebirth of the drama? 

Sneaking up like St Louis Billikens in the NCAA;  others were cool like Tommy Bahama! 

Whats the deal with them? please!! Leaking vehicles were like the NAACP checking Nathan Shady Deal for drama in Dekalb County! 

Slick like oil and transmission fluid;  live is how were transmitting to ya..funky is how the sound will be!




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